The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker – Nunez, Muntagirov, Hayward, – January 8 2016 – The Royal Ballet

The main event here for me was to see Vadim Muntagirov.  The role he was performing is light on content, being truly a supporting role – that of partnering Marianela Núñez gallantly. The demands of the performance, the classical stylings and steps are firmly within his comfort zone, and allowed him to display his considerable skill to good effect.


The Nutcracker – English National Ballet -Rojo, Gouneo, Westwell – January 2 2016

Once more Eagling’s production charmed its audience. And I was – with a few minor reservations – included.

With ENB’s boss Tamara Rojo cast as Clara, the matinee seemed in sure hands. Things went a bit awry during the snowball throwing moments, a particularly bouncy and stubborn snowball just kept on returning to the stage, as if unwilling to leave the spotlight. (It was probably on loan from the Bolshoi theatre). That said, the skating clowning was the best I have seen it, but by God, falling like that every day and night must take it’s toll. Bravi to the intrepid skaters.*