The Almeida

The Bakkhai – The Almeida, July 23 2015 8pm

The short: anyone expecting “the Ben Whishaw show” may be disappointed – (it’s not his show, it’s the ensemble’s – but he is good,) in this new, largely faithful version of Euripides’ classic.

The long:



Oresteia, The Almeida – 27th June 2015

I didn’t like Robert Icke’s new Oresteia as much as I hoped I would. It has some fine moments, but it is inconsistent in delivering them. Worse, it suffers from a drastic crisis: in updating the Ancient drama and in removing the supernatural and favouring the domestic, it etiolates it of its true force.


Carmen Disruption – The Almeida Theatre – May 11th 2015

Carmen Disruption might more adequately be described as Carmen Discombobulation or more proasaically Carmen Disconnection. Whatever its description, it stands as a rewarding evening, and a fine piece of theatre.