Royal Opera House

Andrea Chénier – The Royal Opera House Jan 26th 2015

What is missing in the Royal Opera House’s Chénier?* We have a good cast with two of the leading voices of our age. We have one of the leading directors of opera too, a talent sure footed in his direction and choices. We have a subject that should thrill – love against the odds, love indeed unto death, set in Revolutionary France and yet we have…the Royal Opera House’s Chénier. What is missing really makes itself felt. So, what is missing?


Un ballo in maschera Royal Opera House January 2nd 2015

Some fine singing can’t mask a staved-in production.

The Royal Opera House’s Ballo. What a disappointment in so many ways, and an inauspicious start to 2015. On paper, a surefire winner principally due to Calleja and Hvrotovsky as two powerhouse leads, yet both ended up looking lost at sea. (more…)