Royal Ballet

Mixed Bill – The Royal Ballet, Royal Opera House, October 26 2015

The Bill: Viscera

Afternoon of a Faun

Tchaikovsky Pas de deux

Carmen (world premiere)

Lots to enjoy here, and lots to puzzle over.

A new piece, two 20th classics – one pretending it is from the 19th century, the other using ballet to tell a ten minute story and a dance piece steeped in neoclassical dance. If anything, the programme showed just how broad the term ‘ballet’ can be.


Swan Lake – Salenko, McRae, Gartside Gruzin – March 21st 2015 (matinee)

Of all the Swan Lake performances I have seen this season, this was the best. A strong statement but one borne from fact, consideration and some portion of emotion.


Don Quixote January 7th 2015 Royal Opera House

A relaxed atmosphere in the house for the evening’s Don Quixote, Acosta’s staging inspired by Petipa’s 1871-ish original. Don Quixote and Sancho Panza elope from reality into picaresque adventure and here find Kitri (Marianela Núñez) in a tiff with young local boy Basilio (Thiago Soares). Of course father wants her to marry a noble man. Noble man has the hots for Kitri. Cue farce, lively dances, a Keystone cop-ish chase caper and eventually, a marriage.