La Scala

Sleeping Beauty Trailer

La Scala have released a trailer for the production of Sleeping Beauty. Even there one can see hints of its unique qualities (and Lilac Fairy standing on a hidden footstool!)

I hope it gives viewers an impression of its genteel and modest dancing, couched in lavish designs!

The Sleeping Beauty – La Scala – Manni, Andrijashenko, Zeni – October 1 2015

NB: this is the review of my first viewing. My second viewing brought out more points, and was a better evening.

Beautiful in decor, in costume and in lighting; in choreography gloriously fresh, in intent noble: Ratmansky’s Sleeping Beauty is a treasure entire, fit to be a jewel in any ballet company’s crown. Shown at American Ballet Theater this Summer, and garnering distinct acclaim and consistenly praising reviews there it was deemed a success. Critics lauded all, and loved it. My expectations were therefore high.


The Sleeping Beauty – La Scala – Zakharova, Tissi, Murru – October 2 2015

It became apparent to me on this, my second viewing, that Team Ratmansky and Doug Fullington’s reconstruction of this ballet is something of a master-work. Genuinely fairy-tale like, it has an unashamed aspiration to be beautiful. Some would say it is High Art and I agree. It is importantly, crafted with love.