ENO Grimes Skelton Alden

A spotless Grimes from ENO

Peter Grimes

Benjamin Britten

English National Opera Fri 21st,

Ipswich Cineworld Sun 23rd 02/14

Peter Grimes Stuart Skelton
Ellen Orford Elza van den Heever
Balstrode Iain Paterson
Auntie Rebecca de Pont Davies
Swallow Matthew Best
Ned Keene Leigh Melrose
Bob Boles Michael Colvin
Mrs Sedley Felicity Palmer
Hobson Matthew Trevino
Reverend Horace Adams Tim Robinson
First Niece Rhian Lois
Second Niece Mary Bevan

Conductor Edward Gardner
Director David Alden
Set Designer Paul Steinberg
Costume Designer Brigitte Reiffenstuel
Lighting Designer Adam Silverman
Choreographer Maxine Braham

This afternoon saw English National Opera’s first foray into the trend of Live broadcasting of shows with the transmission of ‘Peter Grimes’. I say “trend” lightly, as this seems to be anything but, the juggernaut of transmissions from opera, classical, dance, and current pop will no doubt continue to roll on unabated.

I’ll focus here on the presentation in cinema as I saw it, with some thoughts as to how it differed from how I saw it in person a few days before. (more…)