Ed Lyon

L’Ormindo – Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, February 25th 2015

This was my second attempt to go to the show, having had to return a ticket for last year’s run. I am glad I finally got to go.

(Preamble. To skip to the review proper, scroll down a bit.)

Firstly, I must enthuse about the Wanamaker Playhouse itself. To enter it is to enter something like another world. No other space I know works a magic like it. One almost leaves behind cares: one forgets all burden of modernity, the noise and rush of every day life.



Der fliegende Holländer – Terfel, Pieczonka, Köning, Rose, Lyon, Wyn-Rogers, 20th February 2015 The Royal Opera House

I came away from this Dutchman feeling entertained, which is all I demand as a minimum from performances.

Veterans and more knowledgeable friends declared it a bit of a snoozefest. At the end, I was “thumbs up”-ing to my friend in Lower slips, whilst he was fervently thumbs downing. Later, we discussed.