Mixed Bill – The Royal Ballet, Royal Opera House, October 26 2015

The Bill: Viscera

Afternoon of a Faun

Tchaikovsky Pas de deux

Carmen (world premiere)

Lots to enjoy here, and lots to puzzle over.

A new piece, two 20th classics – one pretending it is from the 19th century, the other using ballet to tell a ten minute story and a dance piece steeped in neoclassical dance. If anything, the programme showed just how broad the term ‘ballet’ can be.


Carmen – English National Opera – Gringyte, Cutler, Melrose, Dennis, Lois – June 14th 2015

Calixto Bietio’s interpretative decisions usually upset either sensibilities or preconceptions. I for one greatly enjoy his bizarre tamperings and excursions into opera. It may be Regie, but it is intelligent regie. More than any other director, Bieito’s choices always refract the modern world through opera’s lens: no mean feat for works that might be hundreds of years old.  Which is why this staging of Carmen was surprising: it wasn’t greatly upsetting or contentious.


Carmen Disruption – The Almeida Theatre – May 11th 2015

Carmen Disruption might more adequately be described as Carmen Discombobulation or more proasaically Carmen Disconnection. Whatever its description, it stands as a rewarding evening, and a fine piece of theatre.