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A mixed bag from Dudamel’s Simón Bolívar Orchestra

Gustavo Dudamel, Simón Bolívar Orchestra, Southbank Centre Jan 8th 2015.

Both orchestra and conductor orchestra are new to me, and this was my first time listening to them. (Yes I live under a rock as I am not in London and don’t have a TV.) For those about to shut the browsing windows thinking my opinion is thus invalid or worthless, I grant you this but I appeal to the novelty of this concert report as coming from one who is new to the experience of hearing them, and the opinions here given without prior knowledge of the capabilities or potentials of all concerned.

Or, very little prior knowledge, as they had been praised to me the night before as a young orchestra, vital and somewhat unique (though for youth, similarities with Barenboim’s come to me) and so, on strength of programme, I went.