Swan Lake – New York City Ballet – Mearns, Angle – September 22 2015

Might Sara Mearns be the best Odette/Odile dancing today? Like her heroine Makarova, she can do it all.

Swan Lake is a signature role for her for good reason. She is the vessel in which the story holds and by which it holds true: it achieves its considerable dramatic potentials through her. She is the crucible in which the tragedy is fired. Lucky us to be seeing her give her artistry so freely, and in service of Tchaikovsky’s visions of beauty.


La Fille mal gardée Cinema Relay– Osipova, McRae, Mosley, Saunders, Kay, Peregrine, May 5th 2015

Yes, there were a few ribbon mishaps. Yes, Peregrine nearly brought down the backcloth and nearly killed two members of the cast in doing so, and yes Lesley Collier is right about Natalia Osipova’s port de bras, still a little Bolshoi and not yet 100% Ashton, but by goodness, I don’t quite care really, when the rest is as charming and lovely as this was.

La Fille mal gardée, Núñez, Acosta, Marriott, Hay, Avis, Peregrine, The Royal Ballet – April 22th 2015

This was as close to perfect a playing of this most delightful of ballets as I could have wished for. In fact, it was perhaps one of the happiest and most fulfilling times I have had at the Royal Opera House, for ballet, or for opera.