Deconstructing Odette

I have just come across a delightful blog post.

The author attempts to find out just how and why some dancing of a known piece varies in quality and interpretation. This is achieved by using the science of biomechanics.

Variations on Odette from C J's Fly on the Fourth Wall blog

From the author:

Biomechanics has been used in ballet to do everything from research how weight is distributed inside a pointe shoe, to how hip anatomy can affect the maximum height of a développé. Here, I hoped it would lend a new lens through which to appreciate ballet, eyeing out nuances in style that I wouldn’t normally be able to perceive as an audience member. Thus, I set out to analyse the biomechanics of 4 magnificent Swan Queens, in an attempt to see what made each one so unique.”

Adjectives like ‘dreamlike’ ‘graceful’ ‘legato’ ‘gentle’ and the like can go some way to describing what we see when we look at a Variation for Odette. The article below uncovers the science behind how we come to make these judgements and how we compare dancers:

This deconstruction doesn’t rob Odette of her spell, it should make us appreciate the sublime mechanics of grace and the efforts involved in bringing steps to life. Truly fascinating!


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